What would happen if I tried to be less ”follow-through at any cost”-ish?

What would happen?

Or, as someone pointed out: saying no to things you don’t feel serve you.

For the better part of 3 months, I’ve been saying it’s time to re-calibrate my No-Yes-scale. You see, most everything falls in very high in the Yes-category, so I need to rework the scale.

But I haven’t put any action to it.

Putting away my computer, bringing forth my calendar, and will go through and ”recalibrate”, so I know what’s a Hell No on my new scale (previously an 8 on the Hell Yes-scale!). Be right back…

Eyeopening exercise!

Have crossed one thing off my list going forward, and probably canceling a trip at that. But more importantly, I’ve gotten clear about what’s my core, i.e., what are the things that I want to do, regardless. That which provides me with health, love, happiness and wellbeing. And extrapolating those out from ”the rest” helped, because then it was fairly easy to prioritize the rest. And the list of priorities, I will make visible for myself, so that it stays top of mine during the recalibration-phase.