It’s ok to want to be seen.
It’s ok to want to be held.
It’s ok to want to be loved.

I read this in the preface to Deeper dating by Ken Page and it made me cry! That in and of itself gave me quite a jolt…

Somehow, ”to want” has been thwarted.
It’s ok to want material things, but if we want love, connection etc, it’s NOT OK.
Isn’t that strange?

Or, perhaps it’s not so strange, actually… my mind gentle reminds me, as I write about this.

In a society suffering heavily of consumptionitis (Not a word. I know. Am pretty sure you understand what I mean, regardless.), where the driving force is material consumption, perhaps it’s actually absolutely logical that this is where we’ve ended up.

Wanting to buy a bigger car, get a fancy outfit (You go girl!), a promotion that will up my salary. All of this is considered comme il faut, happily cheered on, encouraged and lauded.

But if I want love, I’m clingy and should work harder on my self-love-practice.
If I want someone to snuggle close to at night, I’m desperate for love and should learn how to be all that for myself.

This type of wanting, which is something inherently human, is looked down upon, frowned at, ridiculed.

Daring to say I want love. I want connection. I want to satisfy my skin hunger. I rebel against this thwarted view on wanting.

This blog post is inspired by my meandering conversation with Gary Breads, in episode 15 A feeling of bliss that lands in us.