It can be given in so many ways.

A hug.TLC
A kiss.
An email or a text telling someone that you are thinking of them.
Preparing a favorite food for dinner.
A cold hand on a feverish forehead.
A knitted pixie hat.
Shoveling snow on the sidewalk of your elderly neighbor.
A look. A look of love, of recognition, of companionship.

Found my old post-it-note pad in the shape of a heart today. Picked it up. Took a pen. Wrote Hugs on one note. Kisses on another. Hid them for hubby to find, one of these days. Simple. Silly. Yes, for sure. But still – I betcha he’ll be smiling when he finds them, don’t you think? And even if he won’t, I smiled when I hid them. So if nothing else, its an act of TLC towards myself, which is as important.

How often do I take the opportunity to show some tender loving care?
How often do I let the opportunity pass me by? Perhaps without even recognizing it?

Inhale. Pause. Close my eyes and exhale. Slowly.
Tender loving care.
The words shimmer on the inside of my closed eye lids.
Pink, purple, red. Warm colors, radiating heat. Radiating love.

I can share more tender loving care with the world.
With myself, my husband, children, friends and family. 
With acquaintances and complete strangers.

I can. And I will.
Because I want to.
Because I said I would.
Right now. Right here.
A promise. To me. To the world.


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