Who am I?
A question that can be answered in so many different ways its almost ridiculous.

I can look at it through a very narrow lens. Then I might say that I am a woman, a mother, a wife, someone who loves to read and write. A cat-lover and hobby gardener.

If I zoom out a bit more, a possible answer could be that I am a change agent and professional coach, a person with a keen interest in the school debate, determined to make a positive impact on earth during my life time.

If I zoom out as far as possible, I am a soul amongst other souls, here to share and care for all that has been, all that is, and all that will be. There is a part of all that is within me, while at the same time I am a part of all that is.

So why am I here then? What is my why?
Another question that can be answered on many different levels.
The narrow lens informs me I want to be there for my loved ones and live a good life.
Zooming out, I want to make a difference, be of service. Generate some type of lasting value. Minimize the negative effects I have on planet earth.

If I zoom out all the way to the end, I am here to learn that which is mine to learn, in this life. I am here to live the understanding I have, that all there is, is love. There are no broken souls, there’s no one and no thing to fix, all there is, is love. All I can do, is love. Living life, in and out of love, manifests a better world for all into creation.

Two years ago, I would not have been able to zoom out this far. I wasn’t there. Yet.
Two years ago, I did not know that I am here to live my understanding that all is love.
An understanding birthed into being a beautiful day on the beaches of Santa Monica, California. Birthed into being with the gentle yet poignant questions of my coach, acting as midwife.

The world exploded into a bubble of love, and life as I know it, hasn’t been the same since.lovebubble

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