The bottom line: Breathing impacts me, and you, and the life we lead, more than I (and perhaps you too?) have given it credit for. But don’t take my word for it, do a bit of research!

I am fascinated with breath. With breathing. With the wavelike feature of inhale – exhale. Inhale – exhale. Inhale – exhale. And the spaces in between, the mellanrum, where, for a few seconds, there’s room to pause. To not be on the way to something, but rather, to simply be.
The cycle of breath, a perfect metaphor for life.

No wonder then, that I decided on the meaning of breath as the topic for the monthly zoom call in the tankespjärn-community. Add listening to James Nestor on Impact Theory to the mix, a pod-episode that effectively blew my mind, and we were all set. 

With regards to the other monthly Zoom-calls with the Tankespjärn community, this one sticks out for me, both in the feeling during the call, but also from the doodle I created. I am not sure exactly what the difference is though. Perhaps that breathe is something we all do? And thus, is a more tangible thing in a sense, than most of the previous topics? 

I look at the doodle, and marvel.
At it all.

Nose-breather vs mouth-breather?
Asthma correlates to state of mind, the calmer the mind the more in check the asthma is.
Vagal brake, how you can lower your heartbeat with a longer exhalation than inhalation.
Ability to hold my breath is a gauge I always carry with me, enabling systems check.
Rebirthing. Holotropic breathing. Pranayama. Trance work. Body awareness. Traditional breathing-practices.
Energy orgasms!

Have you ever spent time pondering the meaning of breath?