Launching a new website, with two specific intents:

  1. Sharing what it is I do, how I do it, as well as who I am, and whom you might be, at that.
  2. Getting my English posts a spot of their own, not mixed up with the Swedish dito.

And then. When it doesn’t really go as I planned it to – it’s as if my momentum slowed down… and its currently almost at a stand-still.

I had this image in my head – having it all done by January 1st. And it wasn’t. My skills weren’t good enough, and time was scarce, so I got to help me out. And that took more time than intended. Which is ok. I’m not beating myself up over it. And I’m pleased with the result.

I had this other image in my head – and in a spreadsheet on my computer. On what days to publish my writings, categories for each day and even a plan for content. But the days roll by, the content isn’t written and isn’t getting written either, and I have a hard time to decide if the publishing plan is a good idea at all, and whether the set-up itself will be ok.

And you know what? no footprints ahead

Screw it!

It doesn’t matter. 2016 is my year to ship, and ship I will.

It doesn’t really matter that the site got out into the world a few days later than I had planned. In the long run – who cares!?
It doesn’t matter if my plan for what to publish when, is already shot to pieces, as I can always get back on track again.
And if it’s not optimal to start with, well, I made it. That means I can re-make it. Imagine that.

There’s untouched ground ahead. I’m starting something new here. If I don’t move my feet forward, how will I know what might come from this new adventure?

So here I am.
Writing a post, in “the wrong” category according to my publishing plan, but actually on a day I have intended for publishing. An even score in the game between me and the publishing plan….

But who’s counting, eh? Why even look at it as a contest, or a race, something with a winner and a loser? As the underlying theme for this entire site is about being gentle to oneself, wouldn’t it be really weird if I started off being harsh with myself?

Welcome to my new blog at I have previously blogged at That’s where you will find all new Swedish posts. All my English posts will be published here, from now on. If you enjoyed this read, please subscribe to updates (in the column to the right), that way you will get all new posts delivered to your email inbox.