For the past few years I’ve set an intention for each upcoming year. Like turning a new leaf, blank, crisp, open to possibilities. Ready for me to fill it with just about anything.

2013 was about School development.
2014 I focused on Transformation.
2015 was my year of Expansion.

As I look back over these years, I can see my expansion. That is a word with a great deal of significance to me. It’s become a part of my life, on a daily basis. As I do my morning Headspace, I am reminded by each intake of breath of the importance of expansion. And each time I breathe out, I am reminded that in order to expand, some things have to go. Those that no longer serve me. That which I am done with. The memory of it, and the learnings, remain. But the thing or action or habit itself has passed its due date and it’s time to let it go.

2016 will be my year to Ship.2016

My Advent Calendar theme of #SethinLondon has certainly inspired me to set this intention, but it’s not been an active process to find it. I woke up, early in the wee morning hours on the 30th of December. And there it was. Ship. That’s what 2016 will be about.

Like being given a gift from the Universal Mind.

Ship it.

Shimmering in the horizon.
No specifics. There doesn’t have to be. It’s not the details of what I ship that is at hand here. It’s the habit of shipping. Of creating, and letting it out into the world. In a bang, loud and clear, so no one can escape knowing something big has just been released. Or very very gently. Like a whisper, a soft breeze, nudging your cheek, so faint, you can hardly tell there was a movement of the air, at all.

How I ship, is of lesser importance, than That I ship.
Can you see the difference? Do you understand why?

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