Barely awake. Still tired from a night of slightly restless sleep. Then a blasting alarm – which for me has become a rare occasion, normally I get up when I wake up, whenever that happens to be. But this week has been exceptional that way. Ordinary routine in the morning for most? Having to leave the house by twenty to eight every morning is a habit I have totally fallen out of. Which is the way I want it. This week it’s like that though, all week.

sunshineI took a short breather at lunch time, getting something to eat, breathing in the crisp and slightly chilly spring air, and lifting my face up towards the sun, rewarding myself with a few precious moments of pure golden sunshine.

Makes me realize. How extra ordinary my life has become, without the trappings of 9-5-life. And I love it. It’s what I want, desire, rejoice in. I don’t feel drawn to a more regular daily work routine, having an office to go to each day. Not at all. Every day different from the next. It’s not for everyone, I guess. But I am so glad I have listened to my inner voice, telling me to no longer accept full-time long-term assignments. It’s not my cup of tea anymore.

I rejoice in this: Sometimes no planned activities. Other days back to back meetings, of all sorts. Writing days. Coaching days. Days filled with collaboration of various forms. And my very own days. Every week, there’s a full day marked off in my calendar with HERO’s own day. And once in a while, a week comes along just like this one, where I am on site at a customer, day after day.

Again. I reflect on it, look back at the way I am being drawn to live this way, and I see how – right now – I am in love with the diversity of my days! Tomorrow – who knows?