How would you answer that question?
What do you love, so much, that you’d want to share it. With your close ones, with colleagues and friends, with a wider circle of acquaintances or, for that matter, with the world?

Your love of what would you want to share? 

Asked this, I say two things, that are very closely linked together.
My love for tankespjärn.
And the message that you can do gentle (with an edge) towards yourself.

If I had not learned how to do gentle with myself, I could not have added the edge, which, in my case, takes the form of tankespjärn.

Is that true?

Before I did gentle, perhaps all I did was the edge-part?
I sure was deeply mired in the epidemic of harshness, beating up on myself relentlessly. Oh, the amount of energy I wasted, fighting myself, internally.

But no.
That’s not what the edge is for me. It’s not an edge of harshness, of internal fighting.

Back on track, stating (at least a tad more certain that I was at the top of this post) that I needed to learn how to do gentle with myself, in order to be able to spice my life up with tankespjärn, acting as the edge, keeping me honed. Sharp. On my feet, in the very best of ways!

What’s the why?
Why do I want to share my love of tankespjärn, and that it’s possible to do gentle towards yourself?

That’s easy to answer. Quite lovely even.
And… Possibly a tad weird? But, when I learned how to do gentle with myself, I started to love living and that’s at the basis of what I want to share.

It’s possible to go from a very harsh inner dialogue, beating yourself up relentlessly, to loving life, thriving in it.
And. You. Can. Do. The. Same.

It’s absolutely doable. Or beingable, because to a large extent, I think how I’m being is at the root of it all. Possibly though, my being gentle came as a result of me learning how to do gentle, because I simply did not know how.

My love of loving living life is what I want to share. I do this, by doing gentle with an edge.
If you wanna try it on, because what you hear/read/see/feel here speak to you, with a smile I welcome you.
If you don’t, with the very same smile, I wish you luck on your journey, knowing you will find things along your way, that speak to you.

Frank Ebbert asked me in episode 12 What’s made possible when seeing beyond what is of Tankespjärn with Helena Roth, a podcast of meandering conversations.