For the past month I’ve been reading The O Manuscript by Lars Muhl, and as I finished it last week, I am left with this:the o manuscript

  1. This is the most odd and at the same time the most astonishing book I’ve ever read. A reading experience above and beyond anything I’ve ever had. And as an avid reader, that is quite the statement.
  2. An insight into the power game of humanity. An ancient power game, which in this book is illustrated by the way the Christian church have omitted the female power from the entire story that is told and retold within Christianity. Eye-opening. And a strong sense of recognition. A shift is coming, a shift, from something un-balanced, to something more balanced. Male and female joining hands, working together, for the greater good.
  3. Few are the pages where I haven’t jotted down a comment, starred a beautiful phrase, or marked a paragraph or two of something that I want to look closer at. Phrases, thoughts, ideas to sit with, reflect upon, and just see what opens within me as I do.
  4. Knowing that this was but the first time I read this book. I have an urge already to start reading it again, from the very beginning. The knowing that this is a book that will accompany me on my life’s journey ahead is strong.

Large words. All from the reading of a book.
But yes.
It is a truly wonderful book. Powerful. Very different, in the best possible way.

So different in fact, that as I write this, I am struck by my lack of words. I cannot explain it. I cannot seem to describe my experience while reading it, onto paper. Inside me, there’s a breathless anticipation, an eagerness, the joy of knowing I’ve stumbled across something huge, something so important and life-altering that it’s almost, but just almost, scary. But it’s not. Because I have been opening up to the unknown the vast unknown that The O Manuscript points at, within me, is not something to be scared of. It’s sacred, holy, something to rejoice in, to explore, uncover, and most of all, to live.

I so hope you will pick it up. I also hope that you will get to experience some of the deep emotions this book has evoked in me. I would like to ask you of one thing though, if you do chose to get and read The O Manuscript:
Read it with an open heart, an open will and an open mind and see what awakens in you.
Read it in the state of curious exploration, and listen to what want’s to happen now.