The bottom line: Challenged. Refreshed. Accepting. Open to listen to others. Discovering differences, evolving. All parts of what the March 2021 monthly Tankespjärn-community Zoom-conversation on creativity gave rise to.

What is creativity, and how do my personal relationship to the concept differ from yours? What’s creativity for? And for whom? What norms govern creativity? How does creativity relate to making, to improvisation, to expression? We speak about creation, and creating, but is everything that is created necessarily an expression of creativity?

Oh, so many questions! 
I wonder if ever there has been a doodle from one of these monthly calls with so many questions upon it.

Creativity is fantasy in action.
Caspian Almerud

Our conversation on creativity took a lovely challenging turn towards the end. And perhaps, by then we might have been able to start to define creativity. If nothing else, after ninety minutes my imagination was running wild with ideas and input on what creativity might or might not be, to me, to you, to others.