For one reason or another, the topic of sexism and feminism, has been top-of-mind for me quite a lot this past month. I’ve read books that grant me a new perspective on life, listened to podcasts that totally shake me up, and had discussions on the topic as well. I find it interesting and important, and am thrilled to be gaining so much more bandwidth on these subjects. That in turn has me being more observing and curious about myself, my experiences and habits, making me question a lot of ingrained truths in my life. Adventures, to say the least – it’s truly an adventure to go exploring inside myself!

In one of the podcasts (the Swedish podcast called Penntricket) they recommended the Sexy Lie TEDxTalk by Caroline Heldman, so I watched it over lunch. After finishing, I had a few more minutes before my next appointment, so I pressed PLAY when I then stumbled upon this TEDxTalk as well:

Laura Bates talks about Everyday sexism, and yup, once again my world twists and turns ever so slightly. Facts that taken one by one seem so innocent and are easy to brush off, but then they become glaringly obvious when stacked together like this. Take a look for yourself, and then ask yourself the following two questions, inspired by these two TED Talks:

  1. Do we live in a fair and just society where sexism is a thing of the past?
  2. If you reply No to question 1, what steps can you take, both short-term and long-term, to help make it a thing of the past?