The global pandemic has given me an opportunity to think about what ingredients I have in my life.
What flavors are there that I’m not too fond of? Perhaps something I can discard going forward?
What flavors do I lack? What might be ways to add some of those to my life?

But there’s more.
There’s also the opportunity to question the way I think of the ingredients of my life.
Me… I loath cleaning. Especially vacuuming. I. Just. Don’t. Like. Doing. It.
So I kind of don’t… and it would be so easy to moan and groan about it. And I do. Now and again. Not enough to actually get me to take action though… and that’s where I have an opportunity to shift. Either get started and just do it or flip my thinking around it. I mean, I have a home that gets dirty and dusty and needs to be cleaned now and again. Not everyone does. And I have my health and full use of all parts of my body and don’t have any actual physical hindrance stopping me from getting the vacuum cleaner up from the basement. And I have a home I love, and I know how happy I am after I’ve cleaned it, so really, it’s a way of being kind to myself.

Well… maybe that last bit is taking it a bit too far, but you see where I’m going with this.

Now is as good a time as ever, to take notice of the ingredients of my life. That’s the first step.
To act on what you notice and make small or large shifts, that align with your thoughts and ideas of who, how and where you want to be in the world. That’s the next step.

Up for it?

Musings inspired by the snippet extracted from episode 22 Recognizing humanity in self and others of Tankespjärn with Helena Roth, a podcast of meandering conversations, this time accompanied by Beverly Delidow.