I let the words flow out of me, as we were approaching the end of a session of process-oriented therapy.
It is f*cking awesome living life as me!

It bursts out of me, with the widest grin possible upon my face, meaning every word of it.
One hundred percent.

I’ve loved living life for a couple of years now, and yet… it feels as if I’ve reached another level this past year. Loving living life e v e n more than before. Not that I know how it’s possible, yet, it is.

It’s my birthday today. 
That’s how many years I’ve walked the earth (well… in the physical presences of this specific body.) and I look back and rejoice.

And then… reminded of a list written by one of my amazing Creatives-friends (family. They are family, honestly!), I’ll see if I can make a list of the 49 years I’ve lived… hm… Start the list, realizing it takes me deep, lots to reflect on, and… there’s but another fifty minutes left of the seventeenth of June, 2021. I will continue writing that list. But not now.

Right now, I just want to revel in the thrill of being where I am (and perhaps that’s a reason why I don’t want to spend the last of this birthday writing that list. I’ve not always felt about life as I do today. Which is valuable to notice, but there’s a time and a place for everything. And now is not it.) and the joy, gratitude and amazement I feel at being alive and loving every second of it!

Have had a wonderful day! Here’s a glimpse:

  • My morning routine, languorously lovely as always, with the added bonus of mum calling to wish me happy birthday.
  • TEAMS-meeting with colleagues, in a combination of great fun, wild laughter and simultaneously getting some value-adding risk assessments done.
  • Lunch in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and a great book.
  • A walk n talk with a newfound friend, one where I can feel the bubbles of great times ahead.
  • A chat with my former unaccompanied minor (with me as acting legal guardian), now all grown and accomplished, coming to give me a flower and some plants for the garden, catching up.
  • My eldest coming home, carrying a cake box and the most amazing bouquet. As I read the card I smile at my mom managing to surprise me, yet again. Cake and flowers are from her (and the dog).
  • Even more warmth and sunshine, talking to my dad about books, gardening and age-paranoia (which I do not have, something we both agreed was very much in line with who/how I am).
  • Sitting down to a birthday dinner with the kids, having prepped and cooked for me.
  • Talking. Talking. Laughing. Pop the cat joining in on the fun (until he caught and killed a baby bird. Tragedy!)
  • Hugging my youngest goodbye before he took off for his dad’s.
  • Me and my oldest taking a walk in the garden, before going inside to play two rounds of 500, talking, talking, going really deep, honest, vulnerable. Invaluable moments together! (And we won a round each.)

Birthday greetings have reached me throughout the day, in the form of texts, Facebook-posts, email and direct messages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and my Creative Community.
I feel so loved! And I love!
It is simply amazing!

No wonder I burst out in It is f*cking awesome living life as me! every so often, is it?