Speaker lineup Telesummit 2017That’s the overarching theme for this year’s tele summit, by the Center for Sustainable Change with Sheela Masand as the session hostess. Five days with two sessions each day, centering on the theme of creating transformative communities worldwide, which certainly is a theme that attracts me! I will be one of the “conversationists” (yeah, I just made that word up. I tend to do that, when I don’t find a word that fits the bill – But perhaps there is one already though? Please let me know if that’s the case! – so there you go. We’re not speakers, in the traditional sense, I don’t have a speech prepared for my participation, but rather, me and Brooke will have a conversation, with Sheela and you, if you participate – you can also ask your own questions and/or input your two cents – around the topic for the session.) on Tuesday 28th of February at the late session at 8 pm CET on Connecting the spark in educationThere are many more interesting topics, so be sure to register (for free) to listen in and participate on the sessions that calls out to you.

The importance and, more than that, the impact communities have to create transformative and sustaining change, is a thing we talk too little about I find. There are great examples though, and we should definitely be talking more about those, spreading the word, and from that, perhaps inspiring people in other communities to try something new, to sow seeds of transforming change in their local settings as well.

Bright spots. That’s what Dan and Chip Heath (oh, how I appreciate those two brothers, and if you haven’t read their books, I suggest you pick one up! I’d go for Switch: How to change things when change is hard first.) call it. The small, and seemingly irrelevant things, that can make such a difference, sometimes literally being the difference between life and death (read the book, and you’ll find the Vietnamese example of mothers mixing the rice they give their kids with small, but oh so importance, pieces of greens. That’s the bright spot that’s stuck with me ever since I first read this book 5-6 years ago or so). Sharing those bright spots that we know of, the one’s we’ve been involved in ourselves, where we’ve seen the difference first hand, is empowering.

So join me, and others from across the globe, in conversation on different aspects of creating transformative change worldwide, on Sunday 26th until Thursday March 2nd. Register for free here: http://www.centerforsustainablechange.org/global-telesummit#register