Digital sabbath for twenty-four hours coming to a close, I plonk down on the sofa and bring my MacBook to my knee. Open Facebook. 63 notifications, of which a handful are of real interest.

As I browse my feed for a few minutes I stumble across a posting in What do you need help with today buddy asking about a specific artist. Curious George that I am, I am impressed that the first comment hit’s the hammer on the nail, with the little info given in the ask. I read on, finding a link to the song in question, open YouTube and am thrown onto the most unique stage presence I’ve encountered in a long while.

LPs videos keep on coming, and song after song enthralls me. The voice. The rhythms. The feeling!

Wowed, and grateful. Imagine, what a gift to receive, out of the blue, a new favorite artist, one I am eager to delve into.