Speaking with Mayke I suddenly connect dots that I hadn’t connected before.

I write as a way to discover myself, this is something I’ve known for many years by now, even though it probably took me a year of two of blogging before I had words to describe what it did for me.

But there’s more to it than that.
It’s not just writing.

I speak and/or write about the books I read, or pods I listen to, that impact me in one way or another.
Going to therapy has me writing heaps, but I also talk it through with close friends, evident in many of these pod-episodes, as I refer to insights gained from therapy sessions over and over again.
In conjunction to both my divorces I’ve talked things through with wise friends, not to mention The List, curated quickly after separating/divorcing my first husband, an email-list of basically everybody I knew and cared for, where I shared what was going on with me but especially my first-born, wanting to share all the first’s with someone.

All of these were and are different modalities of the same thing, the same basic need in me, as it’s how I process what I do, what I take in, what I hear, read, say.

I share to make sense of the world that is mine.

Expanding upon an insight gained while talking with Mayke Vullings in the snippet above, from episode 18 Making the world more nuanced through a new set of crayons of Tankespjärn with Helena Roth, a podcast of meandering conversations.