Caspian found Andy for me. I’d asked him to find some Instagram-accounts that might be of interest for me to follow and interact with, but he gave me a few bonuses. One of them was Andy, where he wrote ’Not an IG acc either, but a well worth read and possible friend’ adding a link to a piece entitled Gentleness is strength.

I read it, loved it, and proceeded to find Andy on Twitter (he does have an IG-account too). Really enjoying what I saw and heard from him, I sent him a DM, and two months later we recorded a conversation for his pod, and we both knew that wasn’t the last conversation we’d be having.

When season two rolled around, I asked, he said yes, and here’s our first in this series of five meandering conversations. And we dive straight into the creativity of everyday life. Andy is bubbling as thirteen songs had just come to him.

That’s never ever happened to me (I’ve had a heck of a lot of blog posts come that way though), so I just cannot help myself. Having a genuine songwriter and musician in front of me (on Zoom), I get to ask all the questions I’ve always wanted to ask, about what writing songs really means, how it’s done (or, at least, how Andy does it), and it’s fascinating.

Lo and behold, no one will be surprised to hear that songwriting was just the first of a number of meanders that we engaged in, including coaching, relationships (or relating, with a nod to Reddy), personal development or expansion, even though I don’t think we ever used those words.

But there’s more.

Books. Rereading books, and why that is such a fascinating concept. You know. You read a book and love it, and come across it years later, rereading it… and perhaps think What on earth was I thinking? This is utter rubbish! or you go even deeper in understanding, loving it even more. Both of these reactions (and any other reaction possible) is a testament to growth. Development. Expansion. Shifting, as a human being, with other perspectives, insights, experiences. All of it impacts and/or influences how I meet the world (and myself!) and rereading books is such a fun mirror of this process.

Coaching, marketing, desire and wants leading us to whole body yeses and no’s… Yeah, you’ll be able to find some tankespjärn in this one for sure!


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