Matthew from episode 28 hooked me up with Izzy, and we had a Zoom together. She’s got an interesting background that she shared with me, so I asked if she was interested in continuing the conversation with me, as one of my conversation partners for season two. Indeed she was, and here’s our first meet-up.

When we got on Zoom I’d just gotten back from taking a barefoot walk, which turned into a somewhat surprising starting point which led us down a long meandering conversation that centers a lot on barefoot walking and -shoes, jujitsu and lindy hop, going to the gym and moving your body in ways that are beneficial, but also on mental health, burnout and how karma bites you in the ass…

Izzy shared with me that she’s going through a burnout, and when I asked about it she responded with a question. How do you feel when you’re out of a burnout? It’s a valid question, and one I guess there’s as many answers to as there are people experiencing burnout.

I also find that doing activities like going to the gym, training, doing martial arts helps me to deal with things. Now when I was going through the burnout, jujitsu was the thing that helped me cope, like I somehow found a strength to deal with other things. ~Izzy

Listening to Izzy share how physical activity has been such a crucial part of how she’s processing her burnout, voiced as a realization that physical activities are necessary for mental health. I think they are too, even though the level of activity must be correlated to what each individual is capable of. And it doesn’t have to be physical activity that get’s you all sweaty to be good for you. Actually, I believe many people lack an awareness of just how beneficial is can be to take a slow walk, if only for a few minutes, outside. And if you can do it barefoot, all the better, as that will help ground yourself even more.

Tankespjärn? Yeah, I’m sure you’ll find a nugget or two!



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