Picking up on the thread from our last conversation, Bella asks me about the quotation I’d just handed in back then… which has us go down an interesting route of how to face rejection. I am better at facing professional rejections, like getting a No on a quotation, or, for that matter, not really getting any response at all. Personally, I would likely have a harder time, and yet… all of it is based on context. (Again. Context is queen, for sure!)

“Yes lives in the land of no, which has me curiously approaching no’s.” ~ Helena

Yes lives in the land of no, is a statement I’ve heard Steve Chander say over and over again, and it’s really helped me.

“One of the ways I’ve been playing with No’s [mostly professionally] is by asking people questions and clearly stating that I welcome any clear response.

Give me a Yes, and I’ll be thrilled. Give me a No, and I’ll be thrilled.” ~ Helena

I’ve been using it more deliberately in professional settings though, and as I sit here typing this episode description, I realize that’s been a safer playground of sorts for me, and it’s time to play more with yeses and no’s personally/privately as well.

“That is why I like these conversations because sometimes you just formulate it when you talk to a friend.” ~ Bella

This is one reason why being in conversation with Bella is helpful to me. And to her.

I hope it is to you too?! That you are a part of this (these) meandering conversation(s) amongst friends, which now and again have you formulate something out loud that suddenly bring about clarity, an insight, or for that matter, a piece of tankespjärn to chew on for a bit.


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