A failure of curiosity is what it is, Kate said towards the end of our fourth conversation… and what she’s not pointing to is us, as I am sure there’s never been a Tankespjärn-episode with as many questions, ever.

Questions on curating life:

“I curate my life. It’s on me to make.

What do I want my life to be? How do I want it to be, where do I want it to be, and with whom do I want it to be? How can I set it up in such a way? Do I dare dream? And what are those dreams? Am I making inroads on some of those dreams?” ~ Helena

In life, friendships play an important part. So, there are questions on friendship:

“What is a friend? What am I looking for from a friend? What do I require from a friend versus what do I enjoy from a friend? And what kind of food do I need? What nourishment do I need from friendship? Because I’m feeling like it’s changed.” ~ Kate

And to curate my life, becoming conscious about ‘the system that is me’, body and mind alike, is a factor. So yeah, questions about that too:

“How little we are trained to consciously sense into: Where am I right now? What does my body need right now? What’s my state? We don’t do that.” ~ Helena

Now… I profess, I do love questions. And yet, all questions aren’t necessarily of service all the time. How they are worded and asked, the energy of them, as well as current circumstances, including my state of mind, all impact and influence the level of service I might, or might not, gain from a question asked.

But to a large part, I still say that if you are curiously exploring life with the help of openly asked questions, chances are you live a life filled with life, and don’t run the risk of suffering from a failure of curiosity.

…and I promise, there’s even more questions in the episode, so press play and tag along for even more tankespjärn.