Connecting dots with Luke in this our fifth conversation (not to worry, Özlem number five will be published, once it’s recorded…). Dots coming from all places. A recent work assignment. Therapy sessions with Dominic. The book circle I’m running on Women Who Run With the Wolves. Episode 75 where me and Kate spoke about where getting a slight buzz helps us get out of our heads…

And those were just my dots. Luke had his too. A conversation with his sister. The tarot reading he spoke about in episode 73. His experiences with cancer, and how it differs from when he first got diagnosed with a chronic disease years ago.

The value of these conversations, for us both, is apparent. And voiced. (And it’s my hope and wish that there’s value in them for you too. In whatever way that value is shaped for you, I hope it’s there.) I actually think this type of conversation helps me… be. Helps me become. Helps me be more human, more me.

[…] to accept one’s beauty… the shape of one’s soul and the fact that living close to that wild creature transforms us and all that it touches. When we accept our own wild beauty, it is put into perspective, and we are no longer poignantly aware of it anymore, but neither would we forsake it or disclaim it either. Does a wolf know how beautiful she is when she leaps? Does a feline know what beautiful shapes she makes when she sits? Is a bird awed by the sound it hears when it snaps open its wings? Learning from them, we just act in our own true way and do not draw back from or hide our natural beauty. Like the creatures, we just are. And it is right. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés, (chapter 6) Women Who Run With the Wolves



Plenty of it.

But as this conversation proves, it doesn’t need to be hard and super-challenging.

It can be fun. Come in so many different shapes and colors and flavors.

Luke provides his very own, very special flavor. To me. Perhaps he comes across totally differently to you! Give us a listen to find out.


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75. Dance like there’s no one watching | with Kate Inglis

Doing Gentle with an Edge, e/audiobook by Helena Roth

Process-oriented therapy with Dominic Bosman Venter

Mark Nepo and The Book of Awakening

Come as you are by Emily Nagoski

How to make it in the new music business by Ari Herstand

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

66. A modern band of brothers | with Mandell

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