Season three is approaching the end, and we are concluding with two group-conversations (as we’ve never managed to get a date that works for all the participants of one season). Here you will meet me, Bella and Özlem, as well as Caspian, my friend and pod-producer, who will be facilitating the episode, to make sure we stay somewhat on topic.

Which might seem odd… What, a topic? And there is a topic to this episode (and the next), or at least there’s something that acts as an anchor, as I do want these topics to be a meta-conversation of sorts, about having taken part in these five meandering conversations.

But just somewhat

Cuz, you know… it IS a podcast of meandering conversations, and there’s just no way that aspect of it, that what want’s to happen-energy, would ever be anything but greatly welcome.

“These are meandering conversations. There isn’t a topic, there isn’t a specific purpose. The goal is to see where we are. And at first, that felt slightly disorienting. Later on I really, truly enjoyed the freedom that gave as well. I always enjoy deep conversations with friends, so this was, for me, an opportunity to dive deeply and quickly and bounce thoughts off of each other in a way that made us both think. And I love that. It’s, to me, that’s an essence of a wonderful connection.” ~ Bella

Another essence of wonderful connection was voiced by Özlem:

‘You’re one of the few people [participating in the leadership training where we met] that I thought about going out and having a beer with, and I don’t even drink beer,’ Özlem said, only to have Helena laughingly retort ‘I don’t drink beer either, so that would be really fun.’

It’s been an absolute treat to dance with Bella and Özlem during season three, and I know I will continue to dance with them both. Because it impacts who and how I am, which in turn impacts what I do.

“The beauty of how dancing with another person changes your own dance is fascinating. It’s the same as with meandering conversations. How did we start at A and got to Z and what route did we take? With room for both of us to stir the conversation.

Today there was room for all four of us to stir it, and it was so much fun to see where we meandered, and I think that’s the biggest value of what you have created here.”

~ Bella


Another episode, containing tankespjärn, as always.

Do join us for this meandering conversation!


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