Had an epiphany not too long ago about the difference between anger and aggression, which, in my mind, has been one and the same. I’ve told myself the story, for decades now, how I used to be so angry. But really, coming to see the nuances here, I wasn’t so much angry as I was aggressive.

For the better part of three years now, anger has been popping up in my life, be it in one-on-one conversations or in group calls, in books I’m recommended and podcasts I listen to.

The pop-up-frequency has been increasing lately, so… yeah.

I am listening.

There’s something here.
I have a story to rewrite, in part.
And an emotion to reconnect to, reacquaint myself with, and stop fearing.

Befriending anger I am learning how to access and use it, appropriately, because it can be, along with emotions, an asset if I listen to it with discernment.

The snippet is taken from episode 10 Creating the world through light of Tankespjärn with Helena Roth, a podcast of meandering conversations, this one together with Gary Breads.