I do naked. In many ways.
Be it in conversations and relationships, going skinny dipping in the ocean or wandering around my house without a stitch on my body not caring an iota if the neighbors can see me or not, naked attracts me.

Naked doesn’t have to mean physically naked though, emotional nakedness is most definitely a thing too. And this aspect of doing naked takes more. It requires a greater vulnerability and courage, because stripping down naked, emotionally, isn’t necessarily as easily done as taking off your clothes.

Both aspects of nakedness is served by being discerning though; doing naked just do to naked, nah. That doesn’t sit right with me. But not doing naked, just because that’s not how it’s done… nope. I don’t buy that one straight off the bat either.

So I do naked. With discernment.
Quite the useful tool to have in my toolbox!

The snippet is taken from episode 9 Questioning the shortage of housing of Tankespjärn with Helena Roth, a podcast of meandering conversations, this one together with Alison Coates.