What a month I’ve had. A month of more sense of the present than ever. Presence. In the Now. Not a lot of thoughts on the past. No questions of why we ended up where we did, what we could have done differently, why we didn’t… None of that hindsight questioning of me and my choices. Simply being in the realization that I am where I am. And so are we. We ended up right here.

Not a lot of thoughts on the future either. No worrying, fretting or anxious questions on what will be, where it all will go, whether or not we will stay married, or not, and what either choice would mean, for me, for us, for the kids… None of that either.

Simply being here, right now.

Enjoying myself immensely. Feeling light than in years – ever? Cooking. Doing the laundry. Blogging. Taking walks. Dogsitting Sixten. Eating dinner with the kids, talking, listening, laughing. Walk n Talking with hubby. Working, giving trainings, sending out quotations and getting some new assignments. Writing protocols, knitting, singing my heart out in two Christmas choir concerts with my choir as one of four participating choirs.

Enjoying lifeYou know – life. All of the mundane chores of ordinary day-to-day life – truly enjoyable. Grateful for having it, living it, being present for it. Being gentle to me, in the most loving way, simply being here and now, and cherishing every second of it. Right now, it’s time to do my daily Seven exercise, get dressed, have some breakfast and then take a walk – possibly with my youngest – to catch some Pokemon’s. Later on there will be more people coming over, to have fun and enjoy life with.

The last monthly reflection of the year, leaving me with a strong sense of gratitude and love. Love of life, with all in the up’s and down’s and the many shapes and forms it serves me up, each and every day. Loving life!

Welcome! Here the underlying tone centers around being gentle to oneself. I will be reflecting on a monthly basis on what that means to me, in the moment, and this is one of those reflections. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please subscribe to updates so you won’t miss out on future reflections.