Convince me, he said, adding a hefty dose of do you dare to his voice.

Nah, I said, I have no interest in convincing you, or anyone for that matter, not picking up the gauntlet.

Confused, he didn’t know what to make of me. Why wouldn’t I be interested in convincing him that I was right?

But, you see, it’s not of interest to me.
I don’t need for you to think, believe, trust what I do.
I don’t need for you to come around to my side, as if I was right and you were wrong, from the get-go.

(This is true now. But it hasn’t been true for that many years. Most of my life, this was precisely what –I thought– I needed.)

What I am after is to give and receive tankespjärn.
To give you my view, my thoughts, ponderings, questions, beliefs and concerns, in the hope (yes!) that it might cause your thoughts to transform ever so slightly. Open wider? Become more firm? Fall apart completely? Get more malleable? Shape-shift, get lighter, darker, totally change color or texture?

As importantly, perhaps my thoughts get to transform ever so slightly too?

In either case, if there’s tankespjärn given and/or received, it’s a good day.