Man, this was such a surprising episode with fact upon fact that made me drop my jaw, over and over again. Just incredible! What, what, what, you ask, eagerly, wanting to know what made my mind do cartwheels while listening.

Peak Prosperity on Sustainable farming 2.0 with Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser. That’s the one. That’s the podcast you just must listen to. And I really mean it, even if you have no inkling whatsoever to farming or even cultivating the teeniest carrot in your garden.

I just didn’t know. There’s so much that is wrong with the way humans cultivate the land today, and even though Paul and Elizabeth can only briefly describe some of the things they do differently, the results they are getting speak for themselves. At their farm, Singing Frogs Farm, They gross a whooping 5 times more per acre than the California average gross revenue per acre. Five times. Let me spell that out for you again: FIVE TIMES.

And they do it, possibleby working with nature rather than against it. If I am to sum it up, that’s what I would say. They go with the design of nature, rather than oppose it. Simple eh? Well. Yeah. But apparently not. Since they are a rare exception to the rule. But hopefully, the results they are getting will speak for itself, and will make more people open their eyes to what is possible when we shift from against-ness to with-ness.

After listening to the podcast, I am definitely thinking about what I can do in the garden at home, in the vegetable patches as well as the flower beds and so on. And while I might not pack up and buy a farm, I will definitely be rethinking my current gardening practice. I have no doubt that I will bring some of these things into my gardening from now on. Because it feels like there’s no turning back. I’ve seen something that cannot be unseen. Like cracking the reading-code. Once I got it, it was hard to understand what it felt like before I could read.

Please listen to this episode and let me know if you were as surprised as I. If so – what surprised you the most?

In 2015 I ran a series on with Sunday postings of podcasts to my liking. In 2017 I will be re-posting some of those blog posts – and this is one of them, originally posted here – , mixing them up with new podcast recommendations.