Last season Twitter gifted me Reddy. This season’s Twitter gift is Luke Aymon, whom I connected with thanks to Reddy, who plays a lot with Eyal Shay (who’s podcast I guested), who in turn speaks a lot with Luke… and somewhere along those lines, mine and Luke’s paths crossed and we struck up a conversation. My hunch was that here’s a person whom I will enjoy being in conversation with, and my hunch proved correct!

Our two-hour meander took us into and through topics such as baby-sitting (have you ever considered what a weird word that is? Sitting the baby?), old timey radio announcer-playing, how games have changed from when Luke was small (not to mention when I was small…), to inbound marketing and the Inner Ethics Committee, to fungal treatments, risk analysis and the long arcs…

‘How do you set priorities that are not defined by something like money or resources, because that’s generally how things get done? How do you value something like a future that you don’t know if it will happen or not? I don’t know.’ ~Luke

At the risk of being labeled technology-averse or anti-development and inventions, I am getting more and more aware of the dangers of running ahead full speed. Risk assessment is not easy, especially if you are faced with something new. How to even know what questions are relevant to ask, to make an informed decision, using discernment, about what might or might not serve in the long run? Heck, even if it will serve in the short run can be tricky.

‘We try to fix everything. Maybe there is no fixing to be done?’ ~Helena

Living in a fix-it-culture I am reminded of the quote (uncertain attribution) Don’t just do something, stand there! It helps me breathe and hold back from immediate action, even in moments when I really want to step into fix-it-mode.

‘Part of the acceptance of what is, is accepting what is, rather than trying to fix it, rather than finding the cure or avoiding, which is also a type of fix.’ ~Helena

This, and much more tankespjärn, is awaiting you in this episode. Or so I hope at least!


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