Radical Honesty.
Means what?

That I say everything that’s on my mind?
No. That doesn’t sit right with me.

That everything I say I genuinely, honestly stand by, experiencing it as my truth?
Yeah, more like that. Except, I want and need to be able to talk even when I am not certain of what I am saying, where I am talking while simultaneously trying things–words–sentences–beliefs–concepts on for size. Not knowing–yet–if they might become ‘future truths of mine’ or are simply stepping stones on the path ahead.

That nothing I say is said as a deliberate lie (white or otherwise)?
Mmm. That one is interesting.
When do I lie? And for whom do I lie? For my own sake–not ready to stand by what I actually believe?–or for the person I am lying to–not honoring him/her/they, not believing them fit to hear the ‘truth’, i.e. what I actually believe? Similar to excuses, which I often come up with for my own sake. A way to justify my behaviour, to please my inner judge atop his high horses.

What if I were to  stay true for a day, two, three, a week?
Telling no fibs, but not necessarily saying everything on my mind.
Using my discernment, but taking the option to lie off the table.
What might happen then?